Pastor  Edwin and Phaustine Agogo: 
Pastors Edwin and Phaustine Agogo are the Senior Pastors of Busia Gospel Centre in Busia, Kenya.  Busia Gospel Centre was years Global Network Prayer Conference site in June of 2009.
It takes only attending one service at Busia Gospel Center to realize how true it is that you have been in a place where the resurrected savior and the Lord of the world is celebrated!
In the most unhindered manner, thunderous joyful jubulation and reverberation of full-throated praise, raised from the world famous canvas Cathedral of Praise.
Busia Gospel Centre is not an artistic coinage. It was started way back 1986 that the Lord spoke to His servant Pastor Edwin Agogo to build Him a centre that will celebrate the name of His son Jesus.
Thirteen years later the word of the Lord came to pass. Busia Gospel Centre was born, life and with impact, to begin the most ambitious and exciting revival which has swept over the whole city of Busia and the nation of Kenya in the past eight years. Pastor Edwin also has another ministry called "End Time Ministries"
God Bless you all. Look forward to the 2009 Prayer Conference.
                                   PHOTO GALLERY
   End Time Ministries Conference - Busia, Kenya
      Leaders Retreat Nambale

                  Busia Gospel Centre - Prayer Conference
  Pastor Edwin Agogo and Phaustine
                          Busia Kenya - Ordination Service
                          Busia Gospel - Praise Team
                                      Pastor Ruto and wife
                                  Pastor Jackline -left & Sister   
        Leaders Retreat Nambale
          Leaders Retreat Nambale
     Busia Gospel Congregation
                                    Busia Kenya - Staff
 Apostle Kellie Ministering
                  Pastor Mary and Kellie going to lunch.
                          Orpahage in Busia - Housing Huts
                        Apostle Richard Ministering
                              Busia Gospel Centre, Busia, Kenya
                    Pstor Agogo and Pastor Ruto  on Right 
                                                      Busia Conference
                                    Inside Busia Gospel Centre