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Fellowship of Nations of Africa Word 

 Of Faith Ministries


"Fellowship of Nations of Africa

Word of Faith Ministries"



(Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, & Liberia, Nigeria)

The Lord had expanded the vision for our ministry to network all of Africa into a united frontal attack against lack, poverty, and destruction that keeps Africa in bondage. God gave me a vision for : The "Fellowship of Nations of Africa for Word of Faith Ministries" (FONAWFM) which is a organization that will be headed up by the Corporate Umbrella of "The Royal Priesthood International Ministries, Wildomar, California, promoting the Spirit of Excellence.

 The purpose for the establishment of this organization here in Africa, and other nations around the world; is to teach ministry staff, (Five Fold Ministry Gifts) and Elders with like Christian faith, about God's Word for Faith, Prayer, Prosperity, and Spiritual Warfare to the nations to help develop Ministry Leaders, and help their congregation grow and prosper in God's Word.

 This will be accomplished by having a Global Network Prayer and Leadership Conferences annually for a period of a week; to invite all the pastors from all of Africa to come and participate in the training and ministry of Apostles Richard and Kellie Cianchetti. Other guest speakers locally will be also selected that have demonstrated a mature knowledge of the Word of God.

This organization will have registered membership with annual membership dues/fees to support the work of the ministry in the nations of Africa. We will eventually set up a office in some locations, as our first installed site, and also appoint A Board of Directors, and establish a School Of Ministry in the land to train people that have a calling on their lives. The Royal Priesthood Ministries has established contacts at other church organizations in Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Liberia and Nigeria.

The vision for this ministry is to establish training sites, wherever we go training prayer warriors, and ministry staff, and setting up Prayer Altars to recapture the Land for Christ. This is a work of Faith to turn the tide for all of Africa. God said that "My people perish for a lack of knowledge". Our vision is to teach that knowledge to make the complete man in Christ Jesus for His Glory.

The Church is God's Army, and effective soldiers do not train one time, and one time only. No battle ready soldiers constantly and consistently undergo continuous and rigorous training. Neither is an Army a single soldier. No, an army too, is one body made up of many members. As part of God's Army, FONAWFM must exhibit a tour de force that boldly takes Jesus Christ into the entire world through a Gospel that we preach and live. Doing that requires that we be well trained and highly prepared.

It is therefore with great pleasure that Kellie and I invite you to join us for our Seventh FONAWFM convention, in Uyo, Edor, & Oron, Nigeria from Sept. 12th thru the 25th. where we will focus on pursuing a "United Faith for a United Vision". Through workshops, and seminars, for all ages, and stages of believers, we will come together in unity of the Faith to continue equipping ourselves so that we can more effectively pursue God's vision of seeking and saving the lost, and bring in the "End- Time Harvest".

Pastors, bring your entire congregation for a week of Faith, fellowship, ministry, and training that will arm us with powerful spiritual and tangible weapons to minister on both the local and Global fronts. We look forward to seeing you in the presence of God, at the FONAWFM Convention in the "Global Network Prayer Center" in Edor, Nigeria. Pray for us to complete this vision for Africa to be completed asap because the time is near, and the harvest is great for this appointed time.

God Bless you all;

In His Service;

Apostles Drs. Richard & Kellie Cianchetti

The Royal Priesthood

International Ministries Inc.

GNP International Prayer Center

26746 Calle Gregorio

Sun City, California 92585

Phone# (1-562-412-7249)


"Fellowship of Nations of Africa Word of Faith Ministries"

2019 - Kampala, Uganda

2018 - Musoma, Tanzania

2015 - Kericho Kenya

2014 - Sierra Leone & Ghana

2013 - Sierra Leone & Ghana

2011 - 2012 - Edor/Uyo Nigeria

2010 - Monrovia Liberia

2011 - Fort Portal, Kasase, and Kyenjojo Uganda

2012 - Ogoja ,Uyo, and Edor, Nigeria


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