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(Entebbe, Kampala, Kyenjojo,Fort Portal, Kasasse , & Prayer Mountain)





Pastor Paul Teaching

Missions Uganda began with a 17 hour flight to Entebbe Uganda. We arrived at the Entebbe airport early in the morning two days later after a 9 hr. layover in London. Brother Bob picked us up at the airport and we drove for 3 hrs to Kyenjojo where we stayed at a guest house of Faith Kunihiro, who was our ministry coordinator and Host.

The next four days were spent at Pastor Paul's Prayer mountain, having our Global Network Prayer Conference about 10 miles from our base camp at Kyenjojo and we ministered for 4 straight days morning and afternoon sessions. Pastor Paul is a great Prayer Warrior, and ministers all over Uganda and is building prayer altars in the land to recover back what the devil has stolen. Pastor Paul has a family that is also is in the ministry with him; his dad, and two sisters. We then went on the road to Fort Portal to be with Bishop James Mugenyi, who was the head of PMU (Pentecostal Churches of Uganda). He had set up two more prayer conferences in two other villages, one being Kampata near Kassase.

Pastor Paul Teaching

In our whole trip we ministered at three different places holding Prayer Conferences for 8 straight days. The last day we took a day of rest and went to the Queen Elizabeth National Park where we went on a Safari Boat ride in the lake, and saw many animals like Hippos, wild buffalo, many bird species, alligators, and elephants.

The next day we spent driving back to Kampala to get ready for departure to come home. WE stayed at another missionary guest house in Kampala. The next morning, we got up early, and drove to Entebbe Airport, about a half hour drive from the capital, and boarded a plane for London, and then home. The Missions trip was a real rewarding experience. The people were real accommodating and treated us like royalty, and they just loved on us all the time, especially the orphaned children. Below are some of the photos from the Uganda mission:

Guest House in Kampala


Kasozi for All Nations, Butiiti, Uganda

Pastor Paul Busobozi,

Pastor Paul is director over prayer mountain Ministries, and is also founder of the "Comforting Broken Homes" for abandoned aids children in Uganda. He is a very anointed man of God and share similar visions within our ministries.

Pastor Paul was the first one to invite us to Africa to bring Global Network Prayer Conferences to his Prayer Mountain to conduct a prayer conference to teach the people how to pray effectively. He is truly a honorable man of God and we look forward to going back to Uganda again soon.

24 - Hour Global Prayer Network:

OVERVIEW: 24 Hour Prayer Network is a ministry under the R.U.N. Church - Mugoma - which started by a group of intercessors in 1995 - in the Kyenjojo District, but it didnt take off until 2003 when Pastor Paul had a vision to put 24 hour prayer on Prayer Mountain Kasozi. God had a plan and a purpose to mobilize the church of our Lord Jesus Christ to pray on a 24 hour basis so that God's intervention can be accomplished during these troubled times. We have set up several prayer altars throughout Uganda to take back the land for Jesus Christ.

We have started prayer altars in different places as Kyarusoszi, Mugisa, Kasese, Mugoma, Mbale, Kamwenge, Kabarole, Kampala etc. Next year in February we will be in the congo.

WHAT IS OUR FOCUS NOW: The organization is focused on mobilizing churches together for prayer, developing Prayer Mountain. Raising sponsors to support the ministry to be able to purchase building materials, tents, musical instruments, ministry vehicles, stationary, library books, and also we are looking to see how the fatherless children and widows are cared for.

Please pray with us and support us financially so that we can acquire a guest house, Prayer School of Intercessors, hospital, and transportation. Become a ministry partner and help with the development of the ministry, and its people. Plant a lifetime seed for a End time Harvest.

If you are interested in supporting this ministry, pastor Paul can be contacted at

His phone # is :

+256 782749726

Address: Kasozi Prayer Mountain

P.O. Box 1228

Butiiti, Kyenjojo, Uganda


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