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RPIM Speaking Engagement Committee:

26746 Calle Gregorio, Sun City, Calif. 92585


Dear Pastor :

Attached is the questionnaire that will help us plan our Prayer Conference with your Ministry. We thank you for answering all of our questions regarding this review process. Please review the answers to this application for the Prayer Conference to be held. Thank You.

Speaking Engagement Requests – DRAFT:

Thank you for your request for Apostles Drs. Richard & Kellie’s availability to speak at your gathering. It is an honor that you would entrust Apostles Richard and Kellie with speaking at your event.

Please be aware of the following revisions and issues below for “The Global Network Prayer Conference” that HAVE TO BE in agreement with you and The Royal Priesthood International Ministries.

In light of their full-time Ministerial responsibilities and limited speaking availability, the Board of Directors of Royal Priesthood International Ministries has encouraged Apostles Richard and Kellie to accept this invitation for this event that would have the furthest reaching impact. Therefore, Apostles Richard and Kellie Cianchetti are in agreement to come and minister at your conference (Global Network Prayer Conference) to be held in (__________)2019. The specific dates are _________________with one free day before we leave for home..

Also, please be aware that with four annual domestic conferences hosted by Royal Priesthood International Ministries, and two Regional Conferences) held overseas and God's increasing international emphasis through International Outreach; we are accepting future invitations a year in advance of any requested event.

If you wish to submit any future invitation, please put your invitation in writing and answer the following questions. All inquiries are reviewed first by the Speaking Engagement Committee then their recommendations are passed along to Apostles Richard and Kellie for consideration and prayer.

The following recommendations have been approved by Apostles Richard and Kellie Cianchetti, and the RPIM Speaking Engagement Committee for these events.  

(See Application Below):

Apostles Drs. Richard & Kellie Cianchetti


for 2019



1. Where is the location of the event?

2. What airport would the RPIM evangelistic team fly into?

3. What is the travel time from the Hotel to the event location?

4. When do you expect the RPIM evangelistic team to arrive at your location?

5. Will anyone in your ministry be able to host Apostles Richard and Kellie at their Christian Guest House?

6. Will you be providing Apostles Richard and Kellie (and any accompanying person) transportation from and to the airport and hotel, and conference location.?

7. If possible, please provide contact information/flyers to be posted for the general public interested in hearing Apostles Richard and Kellie speak. 


1. RPIM will not be responsible for monies in advance to provide feeding of participants, or other required expense in setting up the meeting location. WE are not a feeding ministry as some are, and our sole objective is to come and teach at the conference.

2. Thank you for providing this information. It will be a great help as we prayerfully consider your invitation.

3. May the Lord be our Guide and regardless of our involvement, may He bless your event and cause you to bear much fruit.


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