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We Bind the following Strongman Spirits according to Matthew 18:18-19, and Luke 10:19 in the name of Jesus Christ, the anointed one. We bind the spirits of........


1) Spirit of Jealousy: Murder, Anger, Rage, Revenge. (Number 5:14).

2) Spirit of Lies: Fornication,Cancer, Religious Spirit, Adultery,Sodomy, and Homosexuality. (Jer. 23:14) , (II Chronicles 18:22)

3) Spirit of Perversion: (Matt, 12:43; Isa. 19:14) to twist the Word; hates God, Self Lovers Doctrine, Lust.

4) Spirit of Heaviness: (Isaiah 61:3) Gluttony, Self Pity, Grief, Despair, Rejection, Gloomy -down.

5) Spirit of Whoredom: Excessive sexual desire; Fornication; Emotional

weakness. (Ezekiel 16:28-32, Hosea 4:12, Ezekiel 16:15)

6) Familiar Spirit: Horoscope, Occult, New Age, (1 Samuel 28:7), (Lev. 19:31).

7) Spirit of Infirmity: All Diseases. (Luke 13:11)

8) Deaf & Dumb Spirit: Seizures, insanity, lunatic, motionless (Mark 9:17-18


9) Spirit of Fear: (ii Tim. 1:7) Torment, timidity, inferiority, worry, phobia and


10) Spirit of Pride: (Proverbs 16:18) Mockery, Gossip, Stubborn-Wrath, Self-

Righteousness, Witchcraft.

11) Spirit of Grief: (Proverbs 16:18). Loss of personal relationship, or person.

12).Spirit of Anti-Christ: Legalism claims power over you; opposes men of God.

Disturbs prayer of church services. (1John 4:3)

13) Spirit of Bondage: They can't call on God; no relationship with God, anguish, bitterness, additions, spiritual blindness. (Aromas 8:14-16).

14) Spirit of Harlotry: Includes cancer, infirmity, bondage. lying,perversion, homosexuality, and whoredom spirits. (Hosea 4:112)

15) Spirit of Division: Tries to separate families, relationships, and Body of Christ; to cause a rift in ties.

16) Spirit of Poverty: A spirit of lack, being poor, low esteem, not worthy of being prosperous. (Job 22:28, Psalms 50:14-15) breaks the bondage of poverty.

17) Spirit of Haughtiness: (Proverbs 16: 18-19)

18) Spirit of Racism: All kinds of Racism.

19) Seducing Spirits: (i Timothy 4:1-10) Seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.

20) Spirit of Divination: (Acts 16:16-18) Also called the Python Spirit.

21) Unclean Spirit: (Acts 5:16) (Mark 5: 2-21) suicide, mental illness (Foul Odor)

22) Spirit of Error: (1John 4:6) False doctrines, New Age.

23) Spirit of Death: (Rev. 20: 13-14) Kills steals, and destroys.

24) Spirit of Poltergeist: Slams doors.

25) Spirit of Jealousy: Envy, suspicion, distrust, and selfishness,

26) Spirit of Rejection: Fear of Rejection; self rejection.

27) Heaviness: Gloom, burden, and disgust.

28) Spirit of Accusation: Judging, criticism, fault-finding.

29) Spirit of Rebellion: Self will, disobedience, and anti-submissiveness.

30) Spirit of Control: Possessiveness, dominance, and witch craft.



Isaiah 54:17

"So shall my Word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and prosper in the things where to I sent it".

Isaiah 55:11

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